Just want you to know that your emails/posts make me smile every day! Life is so crazy & I love taking a minute to think about something for myself. Thanks, Sally <3" - Julie

My wife turned me on to your blog about a year as something to keep in mind for when I need to find some ideas for gifts for her, hahaha. While I was following you I noticed you covered an array of recommendations around products and services. Recently my 6 year old niece began to make many observations of my appearance and she was fixated with the color of my teeth, ‘why are your teeth yellow?” I recalled you running a blob about Smile Brilliant and placed an order. Wow, what a great recommendation, just after one week I could see the results. Very easy to order, easy to get set up and a path to white teeth. Thank you for your recommendation and keep up the good work. Can’t wait to show my niece my pretty white teeth.” – Willie B.

“You truly cover it all!!! I love all your posts!” – D.R.

I LOVE your posts…I loved your post about taking the time to put on a cute top and/or add an accent necklace. The day you posted that I decided I would rock it and my husband and kids instantly asked where I was going!…I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for kicking my butt into gear and that I truly appreciate your posts and look forward to them!”  – Kristen S.

“I want everything you post!” – Rachel

“Ok so I buy everything you say to buy on your blog” – Hannah H.

“You never disappoint…seriously loving your posts!” – Kelly R.

“I love your blog! I really enjoy reading it to get all of your beauty/fashion tips!…After seeing your tutorial and the before and after pics, I’m determined to buy some makeup and start trying.”  – Courtney S.

“I loved your post yesterday…made me want to online shop!” – Andrea M.