About Sally

Welcome, ladies! I’ve started this blog to help the mamas out there rediscover their individuality through personal style…a simple concept but one with dramatic results!

Prior to becoming super moms, we were all just gals about town…career women…with many an interesting quality, talent, and skill. I, for one, was a trial attorney, a pretty solid baker, and long ago, a kick ass college athlete. Today I am a mom to 3 beautiful angel/devils, ages 2, 5 & 7. I repeat things like “please get your shoes on” approximately 392 times before anyone listens to me; my baking skills have suffered thanks to my beloved “helpers”; and, my son yells at me for not throwing perfect spirals during our daily 1 on 1 touch football games.

Out of love for our kids, homes and hubs, us mamas often choose playtime or dishes over showers, and feel guilty for indulging in yoga classes or new shoes, yet we don’t hesitate to drop a small fortune on swim lessons or new baseball gear for the kiddos. We wouldn’t have it any other way of course! I feel beyond blessed and grateful for my life and my children. I’m just saying it’s time for us to find a better balance, to bump ourselves up on life’s priority list…to be amazing moms AND amazing individuals (our kids are not appendages of our persons after all).

SO, let’s show our kids a lesson in self-love by taking awesome care of ourselves! Nothing puts a pep in my step like leaving the house feeling good about the way I look. To be clear, I am no self proclaimed fashion expert, and there are many days that I can’t mix in a shower until after the kids are in bed, BUT even on those days, bet your butt I don’t leave the house without at least some mascara and lip gloss! Greasy hair? No problem! But instead of walking around like a greasy scrub all day, throw on cute shoes or a fun necklace, and noooo one will notice you haven’t showered in 2 days. Trust me!

So how can I help you?? I eliminate the doubts I’ve heard from countless moms, just like you, who feel they don’t know how to wear jewelry or do hair/makeup, or where to shop, or can’t “pull off” certain looks. I provide the juicy deets on everything from trendy nail polish colors to great pants for hiding the snots, food and drool your kids wipe on you all day long! I’m also available for personal styling to anyone who needs a little extra help! It’s not about being pretty or skinny or flashing high-end labels…it’s simply about feeling good about ourselves!  Check My Services

Remember… We’re all super moms, trying our asses off to keep our cool and “enjoy every moment” with our kids, while simultaneously tackling the very important task of raising respectful, happy, smart, athletic, wonderfully amazingly perfect children. Some moments are rewarding, proud or heartwarming, while others send me scurrying up to my closet, closing the door, and letting out a big giant “F*#_@^CK” in the loudest whisper voice I can muster…then taking a deep breath and heading back downstairs to try again! At the end of the day, we’re all just trying our best! We may as well look our best while tackling this job, right?! Because everybody knows…when you look good, you feel good!


red wine, chocolate and French fries.

* I love the ocean and baking.
* I can’t handle a ferris wheel, but I love rollercoasters and I went
* Skydiving after my 3rd kid…a sort of “jump to personal freedom” when I finished nursing her.
* I have terrible handwriting…everyone makes fun of me for it, but I don’t mind (esp. since reading a study concluding that people with messy handwriting are more intelligent…so take that, messy-handwriting-haters, hehehe!)
* I swear a LOT…fear not tho, the floodgates don’t open on F-bombs until the kiddos leave the room.

I’m a born and raised Catholic schoolgirl, followed by undergrad at Amherst College (where I double majored in Law and Psychology), and finally, Suffolk University Law School.

Some Fav Shopping
Nordstrom, Free People, Spiritual Gangster, Zella, Anthropology, and Zappos

I was a total cardio junkie my entire life until about a year ago. Now, I stick mostly to yoga, TRX, Body Pump (weightlifting class with mostly women), and a little cardio mixed in here and there.

Happy Places
Martha’s Vineyard (where I summered growing up)
Italy (where the hubs and I honeymooned)
Boston (where I’m from…today I live in Wexford, PA, but Boston will always be home)
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