Transformation Tuesday, Home Edition

It’s taken me WAY too long to share this (my apologies), but this past Winter I dove out of my comfort zone into a decent size home project and I’ve been super excited to share the details…even if it has taken me a while to get around to it, ha! In short, I transformed our guest space from blah to beautiful, from an afterthought to a welcoming oasis…..scroll for all the before and after pics!

When we bought the house we’re in now about a year and a half ago, one of the appeals was a separate guest space. Having moved away from our families, we get frequent visitors and we host many holidays (Christmas means up to 12 people living in our house that week), so having the privacy and space to spread out is simply priceless. It has 2 bedrooms, full bath, laundry, kitchen and living area. And not only is it used for overnight guests, but come pool season, it’s the only bathroom that I direct dripping wet swimmers to 😉 I threw down a trail of no-skid rugs last Summer and kept the mess as far away from my rugs and hardwood floors as possible!

When we first moved in, we threw miscellaneous decorations and furniture in it with the intent of upgrading it once we got the main house settled. And as soon as that happened, especially after seeing how much we used the house for overnight guests and pool season, I was indeed anxious to turn grampy’s old apartment into a welcoming home for company! The previous owners had their elderly father living out there, and I just could never shake the vibe from the day we toured it 2 summers ago – oxygen tank in the corner, no style or color, and a scent that just wouldn’t leave.

Finally, this winter, I was ready to go…except how and who would do it? We had one team refinish the kitchen cabinets in our last home, and another guy redo cabinets in the kids’ bathroom here, but neither cabinet job really excited me. So between that feeling and my mild addiction to home fixer upper type shows, I decided one day that I was going to do it myself – yikes!? Fast forwards a few days and Rose and I were picking out paint and taking down all the cabinets! *Mind you, I’d never have had the guts to experiment like this on my own kitchen cabinets, but the guest ones seemed the perfect guinea pig, right?*

And so for an approximate grand total of $350 the smell is gone, the colors are vibrant and beautiful, and the vibe is welcoming!! Like a total breath of fresh air in there! I refinished all cabinets; taught myself to use a power saw; mastered the power drill; cut and fitted decorative panels to the bottom fake wood peninsula counter; painted the walls; replaced the cabinet hardware; installed a backsplash; and, mixed in some new decor with the old to give it a cohesive color scheme and style……including pineapples, which represent hospitality (perfect for a guest space!) and happen to be super trendy right now! (I’d already replaced light fixtures earlier in the year.)

The Breakdown – 1. Paint – $149 (white chalk paint for uppers, gray chalk paint for lowers, white wax for all cabinets, and Classic Coral Sherwin Williams for the walls). 2. New Knobs – $59. 3. Counter Panels – $40, 4. Backsplash – $50 (peel and stick…best invention!). 5. Misc. Sandpaper, etc. – $50.

My thoughts on it all……. I’m oddly proud of my newfound sawing abilities. The cabinets came out better than I’d expected and don’t look home painted. The chalk paint was amazing to work with, though it took a little experimenting beyond just following the directions that I’d been given at the store, and I chose to give it a country/weathered look, but the finishing possibilities are endless! The peel and stick backsplash was amazing. So quick to put up and easy to work with, and perfect for a space like this or a laundry room or basement, etc. I wouldn’t use it (or at least not the exact one I used) in my main kitchen, but for “less important” spaces, it really looks amazing and was so worth the time it saved me! Speaking of time, in case you’re wondering, the backsplash took a matter of hours…done in no time, and the cabinets were done within 3 days I think it was? Working part time only too.

So why am I sharing this? I guess to give you confidence to try your own home reno! You might surprise yourself and do a better job than the people you’d hire otherwise. Any questions about what I did or now, just holler 😉 It was super fun to do all this with my little helper…who also became a little expert with the power drill, and whom I let leave her colorful mark in the kitchen in appreciation for all her hard work. She painted, she drilled, she cleaned, and she showed utmost patience throughout the project. Love her so much.

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