Full Disclosure & Open to Opportunity

So after a solid year of using/reordering Ever Skincare products, a number of them have made it onto my hard-to-make “must have” list (it takes a lot go join the company of my longtime loves, Arcona Cranberry Toner and RF Lashboost)! Also, after a year of blogging about Ever products here and there, my lovely friend, Roni, who introduced me to Ever, has acquired a handful of clients…..which recently made me think “why am I not just selling Ever and having these clients myself?”

Full disclosure, I was hesitant when I began blogging to get involved in any direct sales situations for a number of reasons. For instance, I didn’t want my opinions to seem biased. I wanted to focus on building trust with my readers and not pushing products for my own benefit. I didn’t want people to view me as “oh god…another pesky salesperson.” Fast forward in time to today, however, and I’ve spent 3 years growing my brand and building a foundation of trust and honesty with my readers. And so after taking a full YEAR to test these products, I’m going for it….because 1. I love them and I’m happy to share any and all products that I love with my readers 🙂 2. The last few times I’ve encountered skincare professionals (ie. facials, brow waxes), they compliment my skin and ask what I’m using – GASP! I feel like I usually leave skincare people feeling picked apart and crappy, haha! And 3. the fact that my readers have been continually ordering Ever from Roni over the past year, means that I’m not the only one believing in these products. So, bam…here I go, expanding my #styleme brand with a new Ever Skincare adventure – https://www.everskin.com/with/styleme/.

And without further ado…here are the products that have made it onto my “must have” skincare list, that I panic about running out of, haha!

  1. Youthful Serum – Omg. I’m mortified it took me so many years to understand the importance of serum before moisturizer. SO IMPORTANT! And man do I feel it if I forget it. It’s a must have.
  2. Revive Eye Cream – Panic sets in if I run out of this stuff. It goes all around your eye, any time of day…and if I don’t have it, my lids are barking within a day, dry and mad at me, haha! Must have.
  3. Hydralift Cream OR Gel – for me and my dry skin, I go cream in the dry winter months, gel in the warmer, more humid weather…I love it!
  4. Out the Door Palette – not skincare, but absolutely essential makeup, haha. I can’t help but include it in this post, because I do not leave my house without the diamond dust on my cheeks – ever. It’s an absolute must have of the must haves!
  5. Lavish Body Butter – a delicious, rich, amazing smelling treat for your skin!

And honestly there are a number of other products I love (Sublime Eye Cream for night, Peel Pads, etc. etc.), but the list gets long, lol, so today I limited the list to just my super absolute favs.

As always, happy shopping and holler with questions 😉

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