Here to Help

Oooooh Spring is so close you can just see it and smell it everywhere! We got back from Florida yesterday and the little buds peeking out got me so excited! So naturally with the change of season comes the need for some fresh pieces in your wardrobe. What pieces you wonder? A little bit of everything really, from replacing your nasty old, used-to-be-white tees and tanks with fresh new ones to that new pair of versatile heels that are comfy/casual enough for daytime, but cute enough for dinner…pluuuuus 1-2 dressy tops, 2-3 casual tops, and a dress to have on hand for all those fun occasions that pop up in Spring. These types of additions are essential to your closet every season by the way, not just Spring, because if you’re like me, then by the end of each season you’ve worn the hell out of your favorites and you’re sick of the same stuff. SO, in conclusion right now is the best time to feel refreshed…by the weather and your clothes 😉 And I’m here to help you!

I know I post clothes and shoes every week that you can shop on your own in my closet, but some people need more serious help, haha…and that’s where I come in! Recently I was reminded how much I enjoy (virtual) personal shopping for people when I helped a gal find something practical and professional…yet totally gorgeous and stylish for her business’s launch part! She reached out for help, so I sent her 3 ensembles to choose from that I found equally beautiful/trendy/appropriate for the occasion, but that had 3 totally different vibes. She picked her favorite pieces and bam….so easy, so fun…saved her the time shopping aimlessly since she had no idea where to start and no time to spare (being about to launch a new business!) and left her feeling excited and confident about this big event in her life!

People ask me all the time for help with specific things – what clothes should I bring on this or that vacation, what should I wear to this or that event, can you suggest a bunch of jeans…or hats…or dresses for me to try, etc. etc. and I’m happy to help! So with a new season around the corner, give me a shout if you need a little extra help 😉

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