Your Spring Showstopper

Oooh my goodness have I found you a Spring showstopper. Think about how many dressy events take place in the Spring from Easter, graduations and communions to fundraisers and showers. Spring is chock full of festive events and this ruffly jumpsuit could work for all of them! It’s beautiful. Period. Enough said 😉

But of course I’ll say more anyway, ha! Many of you have probably already noticed that I’m a total sucker for jumpsuits. They’re easy to accessorize, stylish, and require zero thought, because the whole ensemble is one piece……no worrying about what pants/skirt coordinate with what top! I’ve also found that the majority of my jumpsuits (because yes, I own a number of them haha) transition great from day to night…like this one! You could very easily where this beauty to a day time graduation ceremony or a nighttime fundraising event…and I guarantee you’ll be flooded with compliments all event long.

My guess is that this jumpsuit will sell out quickly in sizes though, ladies, so I’d hop on it if you have any Spring events coming up! You can check out the whole look in my closet or just head straight to the jumpsuit…either way, don’t wait! Holler if you have questions on sizing or accessorizing!

Happy Shopping!!

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