Valentine’s Day Vibes

What kind of a Valentine are you? Truthfully, my hubs and I have never been huge Valentine’s Day celebrators, haha…even before kids. We’re more the make a nice dinner and drink a really nice bottle of wine at home type of people. Now with 3 kids my Valentine’s Days generally consist of little kid school parties and drinking that really nice bottle while cooking whatever dinner everyone is willing to eat. Regardless of your Valentine vibe, however, I have a super fun array of Valentine’s clothing options to share with you over the next week to prepare you for any occasion from preschool parties to fancy dinner date to ladies only happy hour!

For some reason I felt like starting with the fanciest look today. Not totally surprising, because even though I already said how I rock casual Valentine’s Day…..THIS DRESS is gorgeous!!!!! It comes in black or red and it’s only $128, which in my opinion is totally reasonable for any beautiful, comfortable, versatile dress. You could literally wear the black version just about anywhere, and even the red! It’s perfect for holiday parties, Valentine’s Day festivities, weddings, cocktail parties, nice dinners out, etc. I mean I only have eyes for red or pink around Valentine’s Day, however, it’d be easy enough to go for the black dress and use red as the accent color on your lips, shoes, or accessories 😉

The lace on the chest and along the bottom hem add such character and I know some of you probably raised a brow when you read “comfortable” a moment ago, but it’s true. This dress has just the right amount of stretch to it and the material on the inside is super soft.

Oh and speaking of Valentine’s Day…there’s still time to enter Jord’s $100 giveaway! Could snag your valentine a free Apple Watch Band or $100 off any of Jord’s wooden or leather watches! Good luck and stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day looks this week!

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