Add Style to Your Apple Watch With a Leather Band

So truth be told, I don’t own an Apple Watch…gasp! I know everyone has them, it’s just not for me. The thought of having my wrist lighting up and buzzing away all day just doesn’t appeal, lol! However, that doesn’t mean I can’t help you add style your Apple Watch and shower you with GIVEAWAYS in the process 😉 I mean unless you’re a gym teacher, I’m not sure what you’re doing with a rubbery, plasticy, whatever kind of Apple band on 24-7 anyway, especially when they’re so easy to switch out! So stay tuned as I introduce you to two totally gorgeous, totally different looks from Jord that will take your watch game to a whole new level. Because…if you’re gonna sport an Apple Watch, you may as well wear it with style, right!?

For instance, let’s compare watches to shoes for a moment. I consider the Apple Watches I see on people to look like casual, athletic watches…like an expensive pair of running sneakers. Well then I see people wearing the same Apple Watch to work and out at night, but you wouldn’t wear your gym sneakers out at night or to work now would you? Hell no. (please have answered “no” to that, haha!) So why are you wearing the same watchband for every occasion? You shouldn’t be. Now take a second to give your Apple band an honest look (warning – you might gag a little…kinda like when you take your phone case off after 6 months) and see how grimy it probably is! It’s time to step up your game, ladies and gents, and add style to your Apple Watch……like this sparkly, fun, beautiful leather band from Jord. I loved this band so much, it was almost enough to make me want an Apple Watch! (almost.)

Jord has lots of high quality, beautiful products though that you have to check out. They make leather and wooden bands compatible with various size Apple watches in a wide variety of colors, and they’re all under $100!!!! And not only do I have one to give away to you, but I also have a $100 giveaway for you to use on any Jord product you want, because their products don’t stop at Apple compatible bands! They also have gorgeous, unique wooden watches for men and women, and a new line of colorful leather watches for the ladies 😉 Check out the Jord wooden watches my hubs and I have below! They make funky colors and traditional ones, sporty styles and dressier ones. Something for everyone.

So time to snag yourself a free Apple band of your choosing with the giveaway money or use the $100 towards any one of Jord’s watches. It’s always a good time to treat yourself, but also the perfect time to get a jump on Valentine’s shopping for your lovey! Did I mention you can engrave Jord products to give your gift that extra special touch!? Either way, no purchase necessary to win. Enter the $100 giveaway here to add style to your Apple Watch, find me on social media to see how to win an Apple band from me (@sallyaedge on FB and @sallyedgerly on IG), and and stay tuned for another, totally different Jord Apple band that I have coming your way soon 😉

Good luck!

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