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Last week I had 3 ladies in the span of 24 hours message me about what skincare products I use…..soooo I’m thinking it’s time to post about some of my skincare favorites, ha! As some of you have probably noticed from reading my posts over time, my makeup and toiletry bags contain a variety of brands. It’s great that some people can find one brand, love the whole line and stick with it. I, however, tend to be more of a happy-to-try-new-products, but pick-up-favorite-elements-here-and-there-along-the-way type o’ girl. So today I’m sharing what’s been in my skincare routine for the past 6 months or so. You’ll notice some of my favorite Arcona products that I’ve shared before (ahem, Cranberry Toner) to my can’t-live-without Rodan & Fields Lash Boost to a bunch of Ever products that I’ve come to love more recently. I’m always happy to try new products……the key for me is, do I love them enough to reorder?!? Today I’m only sharing my top, fav, must-reorder items.

First off, here are the things I focus on when choosing skincare products…
1. hydration and anti-aging – my skin has always been very dry and given my age, I can’t afford to neglect those developing lines 😉
2. safe ingredients – I try to use clean products whenever possible.
3. supporting friends and fellow entrepreneurs, who’re out there busting their butts to promote products they believe in.

Let’s start with the newer skincare favorites that I haven’t really fully talked about yet…the Ever products. I tried Ever for the first time about 6 months ago, but only lately did I realize how much I love some of the products, because I ran out of them and saw the difference in my skin. For instance, Ever’s Revive Eye Cream. It’s the first eye cream I’ve used that goes all around your eye (not just on bottom and sides). I liked it alright, but didn’t realize how much it was doing for me until I ran out of it recently and literally watched dry patches show up around my eyes. I couldn’t reorder it fast enough, haha! And my eyes are right back to hydrated and healthy feeling. And in case you’re wondering, my first little tub lasted over 4 months. I use it during the day, and the Ever Sublime at night 😉 Another Ever essential for me is their Youthful Serum. I realized how important serum is through this product, because I noticed if I forgot serum but put on face cream, my skin felt dry. If I remember my serum but forget my face cream…I’m all good! Obviously, preferably I put on both, but you know…distractions like kids, puppy, etc. happen sometimes in the getting ready process.

So in summary from Ever I use their Youthful Serum, Hydralift Gel or Cream (aka face lotion…gel is lighter and I used all summer, but switching to the richer cream for dry winter), Revive Eye Cream (day), and Sublime Retinol Eye Cream (night). They have a lot of other great products like a Beauty Water (make up remover), Reveal Peel Pads (exfoliator), and cleansers, but the ones I talked about are my always “reorders” items.

Other skincare favorites…that I’ve continued to reorder for years now!?
1. ARCONA CRANBERRY TONER!! One of my favorite products of all time, haha! It smells so glorious and it cleans your skin beyond expectation. Other Arcona products I love? Cranberry Cleanser, Repair Solution (nighttime), and Gommage Exfoliator (am after repair solution).
2. Rodan & Fields’ Lash Boost. I neeeeever realized I didn’t have lashes until I started using Lash Boost…..and now I’m never going to be able to stop using it, haha! I get questions and compliments all the time on my lashes and I love that they’re mine…no salon appointments. And one tube lasts a looong time!
3. Body Lotions – Ever’s Lavish Body Butter (thicker, richer, pricier, but glorious haha) and Beautycounter’s Hydrating Body Lotion (spreads easy, light feeling, beautiful scent!).

So there you go…my current skincare favorites! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do and please feel free to share your own recommendations and/or skincare questions 😉

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  • Roni Crist

    EVER skincare and makeup are cleanical products meaning you see clinical results with clean ingredients. The REVIVE eye cream is great for am and pm does not irritate the eyes even during the craziest of workouts! It contains Pinoxide to diminish dark circles, Marine Polysaccharide Complex to firm the eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smooth, and Caffeine to diminish puffy eyes. The SUBLIME is the night time eye cream that contains Retinol. Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Caffeine.

  • Roni Crist

    The Youthful Serum is a product that I have met people in parking lots to replenish when they have run out without placing their next order. It is a fabulous daytime serum used as the second step of the EVER skincare routine after the Rebalance or Luminous Cleanser. The Youthful Serum has Quattro-Peptide Complex which improves firmness and elasticity and addresses fine lines and wrinkles. Also contains Red Algae to help with appearance of redness and Honokiol a component of Magnolia Bark.
    This and all other EVER products can be ordered at

  • Roni Crist

    HYDRALIFT moisture injection cream is our Night Cream although nothing says you can’t use it in the daytime too. Two formulas 1. HYDRALIFT more of a thick cream better for dry skin or in winter months and 2. HYDRALIFT oil free gel lighter and fluffier best for skin that is combination or blemish prone. Both great products and both can be used on all skin. I tend to love the Oil free version better love the lighter feel to it.

  • Roni Crist

    Lavish the greatest body butter I have EVER used. Fabulous consistency contains jojoba and cocoa butter but also has a super fruit complex made up of Apples, Kiwi, and Cranberry seed oils. It contains minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids and is a product that I cannot live without.