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You guys might recall my post from a month or so ago about my intro to Ever skincare and makeup…? I’d never heard of Ever until a couple months back when a friend (and the best gym instructor you’ll every encounter) started selling it. I fell in love immediately with some of the makeup products, specifically the diamond dust that makes your cheeks glow like magic! But I didn’t want to report on the skincare products until I’d had a solid trial run using them. Makeup you either like or you don’t right away. Skincare, however, can take time to show results.

So for about a month now I’ve been using Ever’s “Pure Results Regimen“, plus the Cellular Renewal Oil at night, the Revive Intensive Eye Lift, and starting this week the Sublime Wrinkle Smoother Eye Cream, which I cannot wait to see the results from!!! Stay tuned for that review 😉 And so far, I can honestly say that I’m loving Ever. Particularly, I love the smell and feeling of the Hydralift Moisture Injection Face Cream and the tingly, fresh feeling after I use the Biomimemic Peel Pads. Altogether though the Ever products have left my skin looking and feeling fresh, healthy and moisturized! And check these deals you can take advantage of when you order the skincare regimen…20% OFF when purchased as a set and FREE Whiplash Mascara when ordered under subscribe to save (for limited time)!

It’s made me so happy to discover a safe skincare regiment that works for me. I’ve tried others and found a product here or there that I love, but never a full, daily skincare regiment until now. I’m still giving the eye products some time before I do a full review on them, because my Sublime only just arrived this week, but based on my experience with the other facial skin products, I’m giddy with excitement to see the results! Maybe I’m crazy, but yes…safe, effective, anti-aging skincare products get me giddy 🙂 Oh! And I can’t forget to mention how amazing a feeling it is that every time I order from Ever, I rack up FREE CREDITS! So basically every time I order, I get something free. Bonus!

Anyway, let me know what products you try and feel free to share your thoughts on them! Also feel free to post any questions regarding Ever products and my Ever safe girl, Roni, will gladly respond. Happy Shopping!

“We partnered with the best in the business to develop luxuriously clean products formulated with the right combination of natural, botanical and synthetic ingredients that deliver powerful results.” – Ever

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