Tips in Versatility

Last week I talked about the value of versatile clothing, how it’s extra guilt-free shopping when we buy things that we can get a lot of use out of. It’s SO easy (most of the time) to take one article of clothing and create a whole bunch of different looks. Take the dress pictured (Leith, $56!), for instance – it’s cotton, which allows me to dress it down, but also black which lets me dress it up! So by changing my hair style, shoes, accessories, and makeup, I can wear the same dress anywhere from the pool/beach to a night on the town to work! I rocked 4 different shoes, 3 earrings, 2 necklaces, and my ADA belt to change the look, but I could’ve used any number of necklaces, jackets, scarves, and other accessories to create endless combos.

The same practice can be applied to the clothes collecting dust in our closets too…just like the new stuff, use accessories, makeup, shoes, etc. to create a variety of looks!

Here are some tips to getting the most out of your clothes, old and new 😉

1. Take Pieces Out of Context – when you’re shopping imagine them with a variety of accessories and shoes – just because a store pigeonholes a dress or shirt to one use, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in other ways too

2. Mix & Match – when you get home with your new clothes, look at your closet, accessories and shoes to create a whole bunch of different looks – i.e. wearing a shirt with crisp white jeans and wedges versus ripped jeans and flip flops. Or wearing ripped jeans with flip flops and a ribbed cotton tank versus a dressier black v-neck tank, funky shoes and big earrings. We often buy clothes with one occasion or use in mind, but we may as well get the most bang for our buck and expand our wardrobe at the same time, right!?

3. Reinvent Old Pieces – go into your closet every once in a while and see what’s in there – changing jewelry or shoes, adding a belt, jacket or scarf, switching up the top or bottom combo, can give a whole new look to old pieces.

4. Downgrade Pieces – (probably my favorite move with clothes!) when I grow tired of shiny, new clothes because I’ve now worn the sh*t out of them, I often transition them to a different uses – i.e. take a nice dress you haven’t worn in ages and downgrade it to a beach cover……take old tanks that you used to love, but now look a little tired and downgrade them to a gym-wear!

So now check out the pic and tell me – how would you wear this dress? Comment which style of mine you like the most! Comment with your favorite versatility tip 🙂

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